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Welcome New Freshmen!

First Year Success is here to help you transition to OSU.
Here at OSU, we build Cowboys. Learn about your options for orientation, financial planning, Camp Cowboy and Cowboy Welcome as you join the Cowboy family.

Orientation and Enrollment

We are excited to meet students who will enroll soon! We will walk with you through your online or in-person orientation and enrollment program.

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Orientation and Enrollment

Orientation and enrollment for students entering in the begins with completing your Cowboy 360 Modules and Math Placement Exam prior to your registered enrollment date. Then, on your orientation date, you will attend an in-person or online orientation program, learn about campus resources and meet your advisor to discuss majors and course options prior to enrolling in classes.

View program dates and schedules


Can Family Members or Guests Participate in Orientation?

While we hope they will join you, family participation is optional. Family members will have access to the parent materials and are invited to join you in learning about campus resources. We strongly encourage a family member to participate in orientation and enrollment sessions designed for them if possible so that you have someone else to gather important information. Our full-day, in-person programs include a $25 guest fee. This helps offset meals, parking, materials, staffing, and facility rentals.

Next Steps

Things to do before, during and after orientation and enrollment.
See our checklist to make sure you've accomplished all the tasks you need for a smooth transition to OSU.

Financial Planning Coaches

Meet with a coach for individual assistance.
We know college is an investment, we want you to be financially well. Meet with a coach to look at your specific scholarships, costs and budgeting options to make sure you're on the right track.



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