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Welcome new transfer student!

Here at OSU, we build Cowboys. We are excited to welcome you into the Cowboy family and help you transition to OSU as a transfer student. We know you've already had a college experience, but all new transfer students are required to participate in orientation and enrollment so that you know how to navigate OSU and have all the resources you need. Learn more about your program options, resources and next steps below.

Transfer Program Details

All new transfer students attend an orientation and enrollment program. This session includes academic and campus resource information as well as advising and enrollment in courses.

Transfer Next Steps

Before you can register for orientation and enrollment, you must:

  1. Set-up your O-Key account. This account also establishes your OSU email account. Visit and follow the activation steps.

  2. Check your OSU email. We use this email as your primary point of contact for scholarships and financial aid, orientation and other campus departments.

Learn about your next steps to join the Cowboy family.

Cowboy 360 Modules

Your resource guide.
Our Cowboy 360 Modules are REQUIRED and provide in-depth resources to set you up for success at OSU before orientation, move-in and during the first few weeks of class. Once you register for orientation and enrollment, you will unlock the modules. They are filled with information you need to become a successful student, and will help you come to orientation and enrollment more prepared. These modules must be completed before your enrollment advising appointment.

Have you visited our family page?

We're committed to the success of our students, and we believe creating a relationship with the whole family is important. We want to share information about upcoming deadlines, campus activities, as well as other topics that can benefit your child.


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