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After you complete your Cowboy 360 Modules, your next steps are to take the Math Placement Exam and complete the Pre-Advising Form. Without them, we cannot fully prepare for your advising and enrollment.

Math Placement

If you don’t have credit for math at the college level with a “C” or better, and are planning to take math your first semester at OSU (highly recommended), your enrollment requires a proctored Math Placement Exam score. Math placement may be completed online or at a testing site, but must be done at least three days before your enrollment date. View the math placement website for details. If you have questions about how to complete math placement, please reach out to our office so we can help you through the process.
student at whiteboard working on math problem

Pre-Advising Form

You’ll receive an email two weeks prior to your program with additional details about your online enrollment. This email includes a very important link to your pre-advising form. Complete the Advising Form one week before your online advising session so your academic advisor can prepare materials and class choices ahead of your enrollment.
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OSU Guidebook

In addition to the online modules, you'll receive your print copy of the OSU Guidebook and can also access an online version. The Guidebook contains specific information to orient you to campus, prepare you for discussions with your advisor, provide instructions for online enrollment, and outline campus resources available to help you succeed.
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Online Orientation Program

Prior to your online orientation and enrollment date you will receive a detailed email with a schedule and meeting links. Your program will include a Welcome Session, small group sessions with your peers, a Academic College Introduction and an advising and enrollment appointment.


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