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We're Here to Help!Orientation and Enrollment. Campus Connection and Financial Planning Coaches.

Our office helps welcome more than 5,000 new students to campus every year. We look forward to meeting you and your family. We have an enthusiastic team eager to help you transition to OSU. Meet our team and make an appointment! You may also refer a first-year student to our office.

Refer a First-Year Student

Campus Connection Coaches

We'll work with you to brainstorm ideas that work best for your unique personality, needs and situation. You will leave First Year Success with an achievable, sustainable plan to help with the personal challenges you face in college. Meet with us today!

Katie Hudson

Campus Connection Coach for College of Education and Human Sciences

  • 405.744.3239 (call)
  • 405.334.4100 (text)
  • Erin Milek

    Campus Connection Coach for University College

  • 405.744.3242 (call)
  • 405.655.5305 (text)
  • Shila Rakey

    Campus Connection Coach for the College of Arts and Sciences

  • 405.744.3238 (call)
  • 405.679.3518 (text)
  • Heather Schnepf

    Campus Connection Coach for Spears School of Business

  • 405.744.8121 (call)
  • 405.342.3438 (text)
  • Garrett Stinnett

    Campus Connection Coach for Ferguson College of Agriculture and College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology

  • 405.744.3243 (call)
  • 405.571.0274 (text)


    Financial Planning Coaches

     We'll coach you on creating healthy financial habits and accessing financial resources, as well as, addressing financial hardships and difficulties early so that we have more time to help you solve them. We look forward to helping you! Make an Appointment

    Calvin Mckinney

    Financial Planning Coach for Spears School of Business

  • 405.744.6405 (call)
  • 539.664.9903 (text)
  • Kaitlyn Birkhead

    Financial Planning Coach for University College Advising

  • 405.744.3640
  • Karena Tyler

    Financial Planning Coach for Honors College and College of Arts & Sciences

  • 405.744.6408 (call)
  • 405.835.6970 (text)
  • Jake Walters

    Financial Planning Coach for College of Education and Human Sciences 

  • 405.744.6403 (call)
  • 405.213.0173 (text)
  • Ronnie Weaver

    Financial Planning Coach for Ferguson College of Agriculture and College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology

  • 405.744.6402 (call)
  • 405.896.7190 (text)
  • Operations

    Johnny Brownlow

    Data Analyst

  • 405.744.3241
  • Jonathan Johnson

    Coordinator, Transition and Retention Communications

  • 405.744.3134
  • Leadership

    Missy Wikle

    Assistant Vice President, New Student Transition and Retention

  • 405.744.8228
  • Lindsey Brownlow

    Assistant Director of Orientation and Transition

  • 405.744.3636
  • Dr. Rae Ann Kruse

    Associate Director of First Year Student Success

  • 405.744.1095
  • Robert Raab

    Assistant Director of Data and Financial Outreach

  • 405.744.3240


    Meet Our Connection Crew


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