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The Office of First Year Success (FYS) seeks enthusiastic, driven, professional and knowledgeable undergraduate students who represent the very best Oklahoma State has to offer by providing leadership to students, interacting with families, and serving as mentors to students.

Due Date: Friday, January 22nd


 Connection Crew Positions

  • Orientation Leader (OL)

    All Orientation Leaders participate in orientation program components including evening programs, material preparation, daily programmatic pieces, and pre/post-orientation communications with students and families.


    Orientation Leaders serve in one of two roles (specific roles to be decided after hiring):

    • Student Orientation Leaders (OL) welcome students while serving as mentors and engaging participants in a positive orientation experience. OLs assist academic advising areas with enrollment, lead group discussions pertaining to university policies, present transitional information to the students through small group presentations, and facilitate activities to connect students to the university.
    • Family Orientation Leaders (Family OL) welcome families to ease fears and engage families in a positive orientation experience. Family OLs provide information on college transitions and student/family issues through one on one conversations, large group presentations, personal stories, and guest speaker facilitation.
  • First Year Leader (FYL)

    Serving the freshmen class, First Year Leaders strive to engage, inform, and educate students about the financial, academic, and campus connection resources available through FYS.


    First Year Leader duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Developing relationships with first-year students
    • Assisting professional staff during New Student Orientation as representatives for FYS
    • Communicating with first-year students through email, phone, text, visiting residential halls, etc.
    • Assisting with office and administrative tasks
    • Engaging with programming events or responsibilities both during and outside of regular office hours
  • F1rst2Go Leader

    Provides leadership, support, and resources for first generation students participating in the F1rst2Go (F2G) program during the academic year. First-generation students are those who neither parent graduated college.


    You will be tasked with communication with your assigned F2G students beginning in July 2021 to connect them to campus and their F2G group as a whole. This communication will take place via cellular devices and applications such as text messaging and GroupMe. You must be able to meet required communication standards during the spring and summer months in order to meet qualifications for this position.


    First2Go Leaders are required to:

    • Plan and lead bi-weekly small group gatherings
    • Be present at F2G Leader orientation(s)
    • Keep attendance and records at approved events
    • Assist with program administrative tasks
    • Collaborate with program coordinator to develop additional events and ideas that will benefit our students


Application Process

  • Completed applications are due by 5:00 pm, Friday, January 22, 2021.
  • Your reference will be contacted separately for their input.
  • Group Interviews: Wednesday, January 27-Friday, January 29, 2021 (not all dates are required)
  • Individual Interviews: Monday, February 1-Wednesday, February 10, 2021
  • Offered position: by Monday, Feb. 15, 2021
*Applying for this position(s) does not guarantee an invitation to the group interview and the group interview does not guarantee an individual interview.

Call Center

The Office of First Year Success and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will staff a call center starting in February 2021 that will focus on engaging and building connections with the incoming freshman class. This is a paid position (students will work up to 20 hours per week). This is optional for Connection Crew Leaders.

Connection Crew Leader Class

Training requires attending HESA 3091- Orientation Leader Theory and Practice Leadership class. While attending class is mandatory, enrollment for credit is optional (exceptions are considered for those who absolutely cannot make it due to another scheduled class or conflict). Enrollment by permission memo following acceptance as a 2021 Connection Crew member will be provided by the FYS office. This course may be counted toward the OSU Leadership minor. If you have a time conflict with this class, we will make other arrangements. The course will meet on Tuesday evenings beginning in mid-March. Exact details coming soon.

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