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Empowering the First GenerationOSU is here to support and serve students who identify as first-generation.

Oklahoma State cares about the experience of first-generation students and strives to create a supportive environment for all to succeed. Success at OSU starts with your first year. The Office of First Year Success is dedicated to supporting students by connecting them to tools for academic success, making campus connections and creating healthy financial habits.

National First-Gen Day 2021

The Office of First Year Success and the Division of Institutional Diversity partnered to celebrate National First-Generation Day on Monday, Nov. 8, 2021. The presentation was led by Marisel Herrera, founder of the First-Gen Zone at Arizona State University, and a panel of five first-generation representatives from OSU's administration, faculty, staff and students. Watch here.
Listen to First-Generation Student Day an Inside OSU Podcast featuring first-gen Dean Ken Eastman and Rosa Gorham, founder and president of the OSU First Generation Organization. 

F1RST2GO Program

First-generation college student resources.
At OSU, our first-generation students are important to us and we want you to have the resources you need to succeed. If you have questions or aren't sure where to start, we'd like to help you develop a network of friends and staff members to ease your transition and answer your most difficult questions. We also have a student organization just for first-generation students, as well as activities and resources to make you feel at home. 

Tell Us Your Story

Are you first-generation? 
Being a first-generation student means something. We're looking to share your stories with the Oklahoma State family. Whether you're a student, staff or faculty, we'd love for you to share your experiences with us.

Living Learning ProgramsLearn alongside other first-generation students.

LLPs are specialized living environments that connect students inside and outside their academic experiences. Students who choose to live in an LLP have a direct connection to their classroom experience, as well as access to intentional events and programs. In the F1rst2Go Living Learning Program, you'll have the opportunity to live side-by-side with other students who are the first in their families to attend college. You'll be able to access resources that will assist you in transitioning into university life. Once you have been accepted to OSU, you can apply for LLPs through your admissions portal.

Learn More
  • Banner ID

    Also referred to as a CWID or student ID, a banner ID refers to a student's unique ID number designated to them from the OSU System.

  • Campus Connection Coach (CCC)

    A First Year Success staff member dedicated to connecting students to peers, faculty and staff members. They offer access to training workshops, social events, peer mentoring and personalized success programs.


    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the form that determines your financial aid from the government and OSU.

  • First Year Success

    The Office of First Year success is an on-campus office dedicated to helping first-year students thrive at OSU. FYS can provide students with tools and resources, as well as tailor plans to fit students individual needs.

  • Financial Planning Coach (FPC)

    A First Year Success staff member dedicated to assisting students with individualized financial strategies and addressing students financial needs through special programs and personal meetings. 

  • Full/Part-Time Status

    Undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more semester credit hours during the fall or spring semesters are considered full-time. Full-time enrollment for the summer semester is six hours.

  • Lower/Upper Division

    Upper-division courses are specialized, advanced courses often built on the foundation provided by lower-division courses. All courses are identified by numbers composed of four digits. Lower-division courses begin with a one or two. Upper-level courses begin with a three or four.

  • Pre-Enrollment

    Pre-enrollement refers to the time prior to a student's actual enrollment day, which begins at the midpoint of a current semester. This date is usually determined by the total number of graduation/retention hours earned, not including the students current hours.

  • Prerequisite

    A course or courses that must be completed as a condition for enrolling in another course. OSU's Academic Catalog states prerequisites for specific courses. GPA or hours completed may constitute a prerequisite.






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