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Welcome!Online orientation and enrollment is your next step to join the Cowboy family. 

We are committed to providing you with the best online experience possible. On your orientation and enrollment program date, you will participate in online orientation programming to learn about campus resources. You will meet with an academic advisor virtually and enroll in your classes. Participation is required for enrollment, and we have several dates for your convenience.   Freshman orientation dates Transfer orientation dates International orientation dates

Register for orientation and enrollment

Orientation Programs

Please select the type of program based on your application to Oklahoma State University. For transfer students, the first time enrollment fee ($75) will be placed on your first bursar bill the semester you begin classes. Incoming freshmen must submit the  enrollment deposit ($300) to register for your orientation and enrollment program.


All incoming freshman students are required to complete online orientation and enrollment for spring entry. Prior to your online orientation, you will complete the New Student Success Modules and take your Math Placement Exam (if needed). These should be completed at least three days prior to your orientation date.   


If you were admitted as a transfer student, we have multiple enrollment dates available. Prior to your online advising and enrollment, you will complete the New Student Success Modules and take your Math Placement Exam (if needed) to enroll for the spring semester.


All new international students are required to attend an orientation and enrollment session just before the semester begins. These programs include important information on immigration, health services screenings, testing and enrollment in classes over three days.

New Student Success Modules

Your resource guide.
Our new student success modules are a required part of your online orientation and enrollment and provide in-depth resources to set you up for success at OSU. Once you register for orientation and enrollment, you will unlock the modules. They are filled with information you need to become a successful student and will help you prepare for enrollment. These modules must be completed at least three days prior to your orientation date.

Math Placement Exam

Do I need to take this exam?
OSU requires the Math Placement Exam to assess your preparation for the first math course you plan to take. You should complete math placement at least 72 hours prior to your orientation program in order to enroll in math for your first semester. Math placement must be completed in an online proctored environment for your score to count toward course placement in your first semester. Please review the Math Placement website to determine if you need to take math placement and to connect with an online proctor.
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